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When performing electrical installations, whether this is for wiring, lighting, appliances or any other electrical job, safety should be your number one priority along with a well performing appliance or wiring!

It is important the person who is installing the appliance knows what they are doing to avoid accidents or problems occurring during the installation such as electrocution. It is also important that the installation is performed correctly as to not cause problems later on. An incorrectly installed appliance or wiring can pose a fire risk or have the potential to blow your circuit or cause electrocution!

From small jobs through to larger ones, any can cause hazards to you and the users of the newly installed electrical appliances. There are some jobs that are considered safe to do yourself such as changing light bulbs and cleaning the filter of your heat pump. Others should be left to licensed electricians who can provide electrical safety certificates guaranteeing the work that has been completed.

Using a licensed electrician from Laser Electrical will ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. Although it may be less expensive to perform a DIY job, think about what you could be putting at risk, not to mention that you may not be covered by insurance should something go wrong with a DIY job!

Here are some examples of electrical installations that should be performed by a licensed electrician from Laser Electrical:

This not only applies to home electrical installations, but businesses as well. We have qualified and experienced commercial electricians and industrial electricians for installation services big and small!

Contact your local Laser Electrician for any wiring or electrical appliance installations; we are prepared for any jobs, big or small!

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