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Firstly, you need to determine what area you want to heat with the heat pump. Is is just going to be one room with the doors kept closed with another heater for other areas, or the rest of the home or business is kept unheated? Or is it a large open area with doors open where the whole area needs to be heated?

There is more to having a heat pumped installed into your home and business than simply choosing your heat pump and putting it on the wall! There is process that everyone should go through for their heat pump installation.

Once you have determined the size of the area that is going to be heated by the heat pump you can determine the size and the capacity output (kWh) of your ideal heat pump. Smaller heat pumps are a cheaper option in terms of the unit itself, however, if you underestimate the size that you need and go for a cheaper smaller option, it will end up costing you more in electricity as it will have to work harder to heat the room.

The area that you live in and the outside temperatures will also impact your choice in heat pump. Heat pumps perform differently in colder outside temperatures, so you will need a heat pump that is suitable for the climate in your location.

Once you have determined the perfect size and power heat pump for the area and location that it will need to heat, you will need to determine the best location within the room to place the heat pump. There are a number of factors that will influence this decision such as ceiling heights, door placements and general design features, factors such as the direction in which the air is blowing, as well as the location in relation to the pipes to the outside unit.

Laser Electricians are available across New Zealand to help you with all of these decisions in relation to your new heat pump installation. They are your local electricians and familiar with your climate so can help you best determine which unit is going to be suitable and meet your heating requirements.

A Laser Electrician will work with you to supply and install the heat pump, or if you are looking for a heating alternative, we can advise you your best options, however we do recommend heat pumps as a great energy efficient and environmentally friendlier heating option. The installation of the heat pump unit can dramatically impact the performance, so it is essential that it is installed correctly by an experienced installer. Our heat pump suppliers are well known and trusted brands, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

We recommend that you have your heat pump serviced regularly. Yearly maintenance will ensure that the air that you breath is healthy, as well as keeping the heat pump performing at optimum efficiency!

Laser Electrical - Qualified Electrician Contractors - Air Con

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