Why do you need to Test and Tag?

Testing and Tagging services are used to ensure that electrical fittings and appliances are deemed to be electrically safe when the equipment is available for use by employees within a workplace.

New equipment should be tested before it goes into use within the workplace, and regular testing should be completed over the life of the electrical equipment.

The reason that you need to electrical tagging for appliances is to ensure that the users of these electrical appliances are safe while using them and to avoid any problems occurring that could endanger your employees. This helps to prevent electrocution which can cause serious injuries or death from faulty appliances.

By law, employers must provide an electrically safe workplace. Many insurance companies will also required employers to comply with regulations to honour your insurance policy.

What do you need to Test and Tag?

All electrical equipment that plugs in or is connected to an electrical power supply socket (using a cord which is flexible or another form of connecting devices) needs to be tested. This applies to equipment that is new or second hand, already being used in the workplace or has been repaired from a fault. It also includes electrical equipment that you have available for hire..

When do you need to Test and Tag?

The intervals at which electrical equipment needs to be tested in dependant on both the type of equipment and the environment that the equipment is used in.

Different classes of equipment, RCDs, Cord Sets and Power Boards need to be inspected at different intervals. Environments such as factories and workshops need to be checked more frequently than equipment in residential type areas such as hotels, motels and hostels.

Our qualified and experienced electricians can help you to determine if it is time for your equipment to be tested. You can contact your local electrician for help or to book an inspection.

How do you Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging is simple with Laser Electrical. Simply arrange your local electrician to visit you onsite to test your electrical equipment.

Our qualified and experienced commercial electricians will determine if the electronic appliances are safe for use. This involves a visual inspection of the appliance looking for defects such as damage to the appliance or missing components, along with electrical testing including earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.

If it is time for your appliances to be tested for electrical safety, or if you are unsure when the right time to test them is, give the team at Laser Electrical a call and keep your work environment safe for all of your employees!

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